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#230: How to install a BNC connector on RG-58 coax | DIY Repair

This short video shows how to install a crimp style BNC connector onto RG-58 50 ohm coax. Installation of other crimp style coaxial connectors will be similar. Note that the connectors are specific to the type of coax being used, and having the correct crimping tool is really a necessity. You can optionally (carefully) solder the center pin, and optionally finish up with some heat shrink tubing for clean professional look.
tweetybird : if you're installing security cameras and using either RG59 or RG6 I think it's better using a compression tool rather than a crimping tool. a compression tool if far stronger and more accurate length
Glen Martin : Thank you. Good video. N0QFT
skysurferboy : Really good video!
jeremias bannister : Good shit homie!
Glenn G. : Please put a drop of solder on your pin
Davysprocket213 : I bought a set of crimp BNC connectors and the tool, because I was so frustrated with the compression type, which I believe are better. I have since learned to terminate the compression type. I’m still glad I have both types now. I’ve been doing CCTV work for two years, as of this comment.
D Adams : Best vid I found on this subject. Good job!
Dave Post : You saved me a lot of trial and error
BLT8645 : What crimping tool do you use in your video?
klaas klapsigaar : Thanks a lot, your videos are of great help.

How to solder a BNC connector. Properly.

I was frustrated by the videos on Youtube showing different ways of soldering a BNC connector but none explained in detail. Sometimes you even needed special tools to do it.

Here you can find BNC connectors and all the tools you need to finish your job:

1. BNC connectors:

2. Soldering iron:

3. Soldering tin:
Paul Morrey : Thanks
yodji suzuki : perfect tutorial
Andrew Androsow : 5:29 the montage is too complicated (isn`t easy) - because the insulation and plastic details mealt.
he's the Master : Pamona Electronics #4488 is almost the same connector. It is screw tight connection for RG-58,-141,-142 size coax.
IceKnight366 : Does anyone know how to go about painting your BNC adaptor (black for example)? Is it safe to just spray it on with a can? I've seen a lot of BNC adaptors black and I want to be able to do this with an adaptor that only comes in chrome.
Dean Berglund : I believe you are putting the small white plastic insulator on backwards. The smaller hole end fits the pin securely and the cup end fits the coax center dielectric nicely. Please check this.
Dave Schwarz : Awesome ....thanks
Christopher D Corran : I used to love those connectors.
Today I can only buy the crimp-on ones, which means you can't swap them to a new lead.
GLADIATOR MECHS : I find that if you go more than 100 feet of cable and you attempt to use the extension coupling that comes with the cables.... you will get intermittant video loss from your security camera... i am going to try to just solder the addition length cable that i need together and bypass the quick connector... can you offer any suggestions before i attempt this... thanks.
Andry Verhoturov : Thanks mate!

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구독과 좋아요 부탁드려요^^

디엠비젼 블로그 :
디엠비젼 홈페이지 :
카카오톡 플러스친구 @디엠비젼
김복식 : 가운데 핀 압착기로 찍어야 되는거 아닌가요?
허준 : 궁금한대 녹화기(bnc) 8채널 400만화소 짜리 구입예정인데 외부3대 내부5대설치예정입니다 외부는400만가고 내부는200만대 카메라 설치 예정인데요 끝단처리된 케이블 사려고했으나 외부로 빼는과정에 현관문에 기존 케이블 구멍이 작고 가격도 가격이고해서 200M단위 한묶음 사려고하는데 400만 화소 AHD카메라(bnc) 케이블은 뭘써야할까요?
참고로 설치거리 제일긴쪽이 외부40미터쯤됩니다.
통신/전원 같이되있는케이블있던데 400만화소때는 특별한 케이블써야하나요?




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